clean sheen meme subverts charlie sheen's bad reputationMaking fun of Charlie Sheen is almost too easy these days. Make a joke about drugs, porn stars, or huge, porn-star-shaped piles of drugs and you're there. Well, Reddit has taken Sheen's reputation and put an unexpected twist on it with Clean Sheen.

Like Successful Black Man and Hood Dad before him, Clean Sheen starts out by playing into his stereotypical image, and then finishes off with a clean, respectable twist. When Clean Sheen says, "I just blew a line," our thoughts immediately turn to the real Charlie's notorious drug use, and then he turns it around on us: "No problem, it was only the first take."

Oh, hey, that's right! Charlie Sheen is an actor. I remember hearing that somewhere.

Check out a few of the best Clean Sheens below.

(via tycobrahe on Reddit)

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