chloe sevigny impersonates her impersonatorFirst Ryan Gosling acknowledged the "Hey Girl" meme, then Justin Bieber answered a question about all those people saying he looks like a lesbian online, and now Chloe Sevigny is doing impressions of her YouTube impersonator. Whoever let celebrities gain access to the Internet is a jerk.

In the video after the jump, Chloe talks to Casey Spooner (yup, the dude from Fischerspooner) about her Lizzie Borden biopic and then the man that does impressions of her on YouTube. While Chloe finds the spoof to be totally inaccurate, she's a good sport about the whole thing and even signs off with the comedian's signature salutation.

All of this just proves that Chloe's the down ass chick we all figured she was, but seriously. Enough with The Famouses using the Internet. We let them find out about and then promptly ruin Twitter, and now we can't laugh about them behind their backs without them finding out about it anymore. Not okay, guys. Not okay.

Here's the real Chloe Sevigny ...

... and here's the video Chloe is reacting to.