charlie sheen outbursts in interviews continueThese past few weeks haven't been the best for Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen, and with his publicist politely resigning and the future of his hit TV show still uncertain, he's taken it upon himself to engage in a truly epic one-man media blitz.

All of this is coming in reaction to the show's production being halted after Sheen made a series of inflammatory comments regarding the show's creator on live radio. Not to mention the numerous substance abuse incidents he's had in the past few months. And while any normal human making $1.8 million an episode would just apologize and get back to work, Sheen has "tiger blood and adonis DNA," so he's actually demanding more money from the network (even though they very well may not ask him back at all), and standing by his words.

Obviously, addiction is a horrible disease and no laughing matter, but Sheen is a pretty eccentric dude to begin with, so the fact that he keeps cranking out these quote-worthy interviews just means that he's throwing fuel on an already weird fire.

I've rounded up some of the best memes out there, along with some of the best original interview footage in case you've been missing out.

Live the Sheen Dream Quote Generator

sheen quote generator

Cats Quoting Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen cat meme

Baby Sloths Quoting Charlie Sheen

sloths charlie sheen meme

Bunnies Quoting Charlie Sheen

bunny charlie sheen meme

charlie sheen drug

Sheen's Today Show Interview (2/28/11)

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