Memeopoly boardDeveloped during the Great Depression, Monopoly was one of the few affordable escapes which gave its players the ability to fictitiously own property. But in today's e-conomy, it's become increasingly difficult to own land in Atlantic City. Then again, why would you want to?

Today, it's not land that we look to obtain, it's content. Content is currency. What more easily transferable currency is there than Memes. I think you get where we're going with this... Introducing: MEMEOPOLY.

It's the first ever board game dedicated to buying and selling valuable internet content. Experience the rush as you build a Tumblr with all of the internet's favorite faces. Dominate your competition by owning the popular trio of Tron Guy, Grape Lady, and Star Wars Kid while your opponent is still trying to collect a pack of advice animals such as Advice Dog, Courage Wolf and Foul Bachelor Frog. Have opponents check your dubs as you land on Chance, or take a ride on Longcat. Enlist communities like Reddit and Anonymous to boost your income by providing you with new content.

You already know the rules. Go ahead print this out, break out your D20, build some houses and hotels out of Legos, and kill that old-people version of Monopoly with fire. Not included are property cards because after all, these are memes. Can you name them all?

Created with Chris Olivieri

Memeopoly board

Click it for the humongous version.

The memes, starting at GO: