wisconsin union protest sign memesYou've probably heard about the protests that have been taking place in Wisconsin these past few weeks, but if you haven't, they're basically in reaction to a bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees.

The different unions and supporters have pulled out all the stops -- picketing, chanting, camping outside the state building.

But what you might not know unless you've been paying really close attention is that a lot of the signs they're using are super meme-y.

Our friends over at Buzzfeed compiled a list of meme infused signage, and we've picked 15 of our faves.

Say what you want about the internet, but there are a ton of templates out there for some pretty great protest art.

1. Scumbag Steve

2. Actually Probably Made on Memegenerator

3. Pedobear

4. Anonymous

5. Google

6. Keep Calm and Meme On

7. Y U No

8. Antoine Dodson

9. Don't Feed the Trolls

10. Lolcat

11. Keyboard Cat

12. GTFO

13. Wise Kanye

14. Om Nom Nom

15. Meme Overload

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