Long before LOLcat was demanding cheezburgerz and stealin' ur goods, a 1960s feline named "Etti-cat" prowled the Earth.

This Etti-cat, also known as the courtesy cat, taught adults and children alike all the manners they needed to know.

Originally featured in a children's book by author Jo Mary McCormick, Etti-cat gained momentum with the adult crowd. The courtesy kitty was even featured in New York's well-traversed subways where he trained passengers to give up their seats for white-haired ladies and refrain from adding unsightly graffiti. You can check out a few snapshots from Etti-cat's Big Apple golden days on BuzzFeed.

And, for your viewing pleasure -- and for the sake of your manners -- we snagged a vintage copy of the actual Etti-Cat book. Enjoy the best of Courtesy Cat's rules of conduct.

Etti-Cat knocks down flowers
Etti-Cat sneezes
Etti-Cat peeks into a drawer
Etti-Cat sits in a box and stares
Etti-Cat nibbles an ice cream cone
Etti-Cat stretches his ears and legs
Etti-Cat licks his paw
Etti-Cat sits in front of a dog
Etti-Cat bats at some litter
Etti-Cat climbs into a chest of drawers

Purchase a vintage copy of Etti-Cat, The Courtesy Cat for your personal library here.