melanie wheeler is mad that her mom was on people of walmartYpsilanti, Michigan resident Melanie Wheeler is causing a stink after discovering that a photo of her mother was posted on the humor site People of Walmart.

Wheeler spoke to Fox News about the website and asked, "You can't be safe in a store while you're shopping? It upsets me. We have no privacy shopping? So, I could go into any store and take a picture of anybody or their children and put it up on a web page?"

Uh, yeah. Basically. Isn't that what celebrities have been complaining about for years? If you're not in a private residence, you run the risk of having your photo snapped, even if you're just a regular, un-famous citizen.

Not to blame the victim, but we'd suggest Ms. Wheeler spend less time trying to modify the First Amendment to meet her needs and more time making sure her mom's not walking around a superstore dressed like a teenage mass murderer.