waiting for godot atari video gameHot on the heels of the amazing Great Gatsby NES game, someone has released another literary-themed gaming masterpiece: Waiting for Godot, the video game! Pick one of two characters, and wait for something to happen through each of the game's intense levels! There are even boss battles to wait out! Good luck making it to Godot, though ... I tried, and it's impossible.

... alright, just in case you're not a drama nerd, here's the joke: Waiting for Godot is a Samuel Beckett play where two men wait for a mysterious character called Godot, who (SPOILER ALERT!) never shows up. Some people think Godot is a metaphor for God, while others think the whole play is an egregious display of pretentious windbaggery. Either way, it makes a hilarious Atari game!