Long before we had 140 whole entire characters to work with on Twitter, there was only one place to flex your joke-writing muscles using as few letters as possible: Vanity license plates.

You have to be pretty funny (or in some cases, seriously stupid) to pull off a hilarious vanity plate, but when done well, the results are priceless.

Here's our list of the twenty most clever, LOLish or just plain silly vanity license plates.

We've all modified our vehicles to pay homage to our favorite metal bands before, but this Metallica tribute takes the cake.

vanity plate: bloggin
This New Hampshire plate reads to us something like, "Look! One of us actually leaves the house!"

vanity plate: hej fund
The owner of this car found a clever way of saying, "If the Ferrari didn't give it away, I am a complete and utter douchenozzle."

vanity plate: h8mywif
Great! The weird older gentleman who ruins all cocktail parties by loudly complaining about the state of his marriage is now ruining our daily commutes, too!

vanity plate: vntypl8
There's something to be said for the simplicity of telling it like it is.

vanity plate: aarrr
Ah, yes. The old "play off the tire cover on your Jeep when creating your gag license plate" bit. Classic.

vanity plate: not a dem
You may think you know the ideological beliefs of any given person behind the wheel of a Prius, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. And this California Republican wants to make sure that you know it.

vanity plate: dva gina
Poor Diva Gina probably has no idea why school buses full of children point and laugh as her fly and independent self rolls by.

vanity plate: coke h8r
Coke hater? Then how'd you get so skinny, girlfriend?

vanity plate: epic win
Perhaps the "epic win" the owner of this car is referring to is not the Ford Taurus itself, but their ability to lock down this plate before all the other nerds in Delaware got to it.

vanity plate: stfu-pls
Using Internet acronyms to squeeze a five-word message onto your plate seems like it might be cheating, but we whole-heartedly support this Virginia driver's message.

vanity plate: timmay
A handicapped parking pass and a sense of humor? Is this guy single?

vanity plate: we poor
"I'm telling you, if we spend the extra fifteen bucks to order this vanity plate, we won't need to do anything about the lock on the trunk. We'll just keep the bungee cord there and stick the plate in the back window."

vanity plate: gr8d8b8
We're getting hives just thinking about what kind of Chester would be interested in driving around a car that he describes as "great date bait." Blech.

vanity plate: 370h55v, or asshole
Ah, the old "flip the numbers upside down to see what letters they resemble" trick. Fourth grade calculator lessons, we miss you.

vanity plate: xcooosme
"Xcooos me, I'm cutting you off and far too illiterate to be driving in the first place. Or maybe, hopefully, I'm a Steve Martin fan."

vanity plate: PMS 24-7
When she slashes your tires for cutting her off in the Whole Foods parking lot, don't say she didn't warn you.

vanity plate: hi ugly
In case you were wondering if Regina George ever fully recovered after being hit by that bus at the end of Mean Girls, don't worry. She's alive and well and driving a minivan around Tennessee.

vanity plate: eat the (inside 'virginia, kids first')
Extra points to the owner of this plate for managing to mock a charity while making a joke about cannibalism.

vanity plate: slaps, also inside 'virginia, kids first')
And extra extra points to the guy who skipped over cannibalism and went straight to child abuse for his laughs.