10 year old singer heather russellA 10-year-old singer named Heather Russell could be the next Justin Bieber. The pre-teen pianist was just signed to a record deal by angry famous person Simon Cowell based on an original song she recorded and posted to YouTube. Now she's speeding down the path toward becoming the next internet-made superstar, like Bieber or Lily Allen, or at least getting her 15 minutes like Greyson Chance.

Heather's got some mature pipes for her age. She's less Bieber and more "miniature white Alicia Keys." She's already writing songs, too, but I wonder what a 10-year-old can sing about convincingly enough to sell records, particularly when she's not the whip-my-hair-back-and-forth type. Someone get the Bieber songwriting machine on the phone!

Oh, also? We spotted her first, Simon.