rear view girls rig up asscam to film people checking them outOne of the biggest hits on YouTube this week is "Rear View Girls," the saga of two attractive TV presenters from New Zealand who rig up a hidden "asscam" and hit the streets of LA to film guys peeking at their butts as they walk by. The result is a montage of turning heads and near-broken necks, slowed down for a closer look at the dudes and ladies who decided to scope out some booty.

It's an amusing video, but does this smack of an advertising setup to anyone else? I suspect Rear View Girls Reanin and Jessica are part of a marketing campaign or a big product launch, and this video is just the first step. Maybe I'm just jaded after the recent Shaving Helmet Hoax, though, and the vid is exactly what it appears to be.

Whatever the real story behind Rear View Girls may be, Reanin and Jessica are gorgeous -- ladies, call me? -- and their concept is so simple that it's brilliant. 200,000 YouTube viewers and counting have already taken the bait, so go ahead and check it out. You know you want to.