The world of mainstream music listeners went absolutely nuts when indie band The Arcade Fire took home the Grammy for best album of the year. Twitter was lit up with comments wondering who -- and sometimes what -- an Arcade Fire is.

Hipsters have known about The Arcade Fire for years now, and they mean business in spreading the word. A recent video by the comedy nerds at funemployedchicago shows the beatdown you'll receive should you admit that you have never heard of Arcade Fire.

The video is a joke, of course, but the fact is that Arcade fire formed in 2001, have been making albums since 2004 and they have been selling out shows for years. Their concerts are epic and their albums are all well written, beautiful masterpieces.

Maybe it is better that mainstreamers don't give Arcade Fire a chance. Music snobs will start having serious identity crises if their favorite bands start getting radio play. Regardless, Arcade Fire deserved their Grammy. It was a long time coming.

Oh, and if you're still not done LOLing at the hilarious backlash against Arcade Fire's Grammy win, friend-of-Urlesque Jonathan "Song-a-Day" Mann has turned it into a song for your enjoyment. (Warning: angry language!)