shaving helmet is a headblade marketing hoax by the bald guyA week ago, YouTube user mattinbrooklyn posted a video purportedly featuring a helmet that could automatically shave your head. The idea was a bit suspect, but since it was on the Internet, it must be real, right? Turns out the video was a marketing stunt for, a shaving accessory Web site that just won this round of the viral battle between corporations and real people.

The group behind the stunt revealed the hoax in the below video to CNN. And even if you called "Fake," did you guess they used twins? We didn't, either.

Incidentally, you may remember Michael Krivicka, one of the guys behind the stunt, as "The Bald Guy," aka the man behind the iPhone proposal, the proposal that stopped time and our "Don't Follow the Bald Guy" war late last year. And now he's doing this professionally and making more money than us. Good for him (sigh).