pickup line panda advice memeEvery cheesy pickup line ends with some awful, punny punchline, and Pickup Line Panda will mess up all of them. This new advice meme, in the spirit of Advice Dog and Foul Bachelor Frog, started on Reddit (heads up: language NSFW).

This meme is all about taking standard pickup lines and adding new punchlines that drop all the subtlety. I'm pretty sure most women would throw a drink on anyone who used Pickup Panda's lines, but that guy should have known better than to take dating advice from a panda.

Let's take a look at Pickup Line Panda's game in action. A stereotypical bad pickup line goes something like this:

Person A: "Did it hurt?"
Person B: "What?"
Person A: "When you fell from heaven."

Corny, but not too offensive. Now let's hear the Pickup Line Panda version:

Pickup Line Panda: "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because your boobs are amazing."

Yeah, Mr. Panda's probably going home alone tonight. Better luck next time! Below, check out some of Reddit's funniest Pickup Panda lines, and a few I made myself ... ladies.

Here are some funny Pickup Line Pandas by Reddit users:

(reddit user sotordamotor)

(reddit user vanway)

(reddit user sotordamotor)

These are my contributions:

And here's a blank, so you can make your own!

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