minecraft video game wedding proposal Just when we were getting jaded with all of the amazing viral video marriage proposals in the world, a game developer from Bioware came along and restored our faith in romance with an original, uber-geeky Minecraft proposal. That's right: he proposed to his lady (also a game maker at Bioware) with a custom level of the popular freefrom build-anything game Minecraft.

As the lucky geek ascends a staircase, we see signs that read, "We build worlds together. Let's fill them with life." At the top of the stairs there's a sprawling vista, with a landscape that spells out "Will you marry me?" Oh, and there's an enormous ring, of course.

This is the sweetest proposal two game-loving geeks could hope for. She said yes, by the way, and we hope they're very happy together. Don't let the wedding get in the way of making Mass Effect 3, though, you two!