If you're anything like us, your one and only problem with Duck Sauce's dance hit "Barbra Streisand" is that your name is not Barbra Steisand. Why does she, of all people, deserve to have her name peppered throughout a club banger? What about us?! What about our desire to feel special!?

Enter: GoBarbra.com, the only site that takes your name and interjects it in Duck Sauce's beat. You pick your language, the robotic voice of your choice and then type in the name or phrase you want to boogie down to. Within five minutes or less, you'll have what could be Europe's next big dance craze.

Feel free to try and make it big over here in the States, too. Entice your lover with a sexy dance dedicated especially to her, tell your posse you've officially got your own shanty, or curry favor with your boss by telling him this is the power anthem you made just for him. The possibilities are endless, friends.