screenshot of the great gatsby nintendo nes gameYou know The Great Gatsby as F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel about the perils of American excess, but did you know it was also an unreleased Nintendo game? Apparently, Nintendo's Great Gatsby was translated from a Japanese game in 1990, but never released in America.

Now, someone who lucked into buying the cartridge at a garage sale has put a playable copy online. You control Gatsby's friend and rival Nick Carraway as you take on butlers, flappers and other '20s-style enemies by throwing his your hat at them. Power up by grabbing a golden bowler, and restore your health with a martini!

Check out the game and the instructions below. It's a truly weird piece of lost video game history, Old Sport!

Instructions: space jumps, z shoots (in fullscreen mode, tab shoots. weird.), arrow keys move right and left. Hit the f key to full-screen! Click on the game once if the keyboard isn't working.

Spotted by Urlesque's ever-astute community manager, Annemarie!