charlie the cat who looks like harry potter villain lord voldemortINTERNET SUCCESS STORY ALERT. Charlie, the adorable white cat whose missing ears and nose make him look like Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort, has been adopted! Thanks to news stories and posts all over the internet, the famous cat who was rejected for his unconventional appearance will be moving in with a nice lady who'll love him just the way he is.

According to The Daily Echo, Charlie -- called "Voldemog" in the UK, because "moggy" is apparently a British term for cat -- has a new owner who doesn't even like Harry Potter. She just thought Charlie was getting a raw deal and deserved a nice, quiet place to live.

Although Charlie wasn't adopted by one of the zillions of internet commenters who wanted him, we web-types can rest easy knowing that we did a good thing by getting Charlie's story and his cute face out there. This just proves the age-old adage that cats plus internet equals win.