remi gaillard plays real life mario kart in remi kart 2Remi Gaillard's "Mario Kart in Real Life" blew internet minds in 2008, and the video-games-meet-reality style he pioneered has been done many times since then. Well, look out, because the master is back to take you to school with a Mario Kart in Real Life sequel. Video quality has advanced quite a bit since Remi's first go-round, so Remi Kart 2 looks like Mario Kart 64 compared to the original.

Remi's back in traffic again, throwing out shells and banana peels. He's also driving through stores, across busy public squares, and right past the cops. It's the police who make for the funniest chase scenes in the video. Some officers at the end are too surprised to even bother pursuing Mario when he drives right by them and waves. Brilliant.