emo dad taking an iphone mirror photo for myspaceBeing Emo Dad must be exhausting. When normal dads are out at their jobs, raking in that 401k he must stay at home pondering his existence, writing acoustic ballads for open mic night and listening to The Cure for hours on end.

Emo Dad's MySpace pics turned into a Reddit joke, and then landed on MemeGenerator, where people have given them all kinds of depressing captions. Still, I hope I look that cool when I turn 46. He kind of reminds me of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (in like 20 years).

I'll bet he's probably just taking his divorce really hard. He may have only lost half of his stuff but it appears his whole heart has been broken. When he isn't taking pictures in front of his bathroom mirror or shopping at Hot Topic, he enjoys updating his MySpace blog with sappy poetry. Here's a little taste of this tortured soul's literary achievements:

Alone it is I face the tide
the swelling waves that drown my pride

For solace is my quiet friend
illuminating thoughts within
which then cast shadows from my doubts
of what my life should be

Too quick to take the lonely path
to climb aboard my broken raft
and cast myself upon life's sea
and think of no one else but me?

A tortured soul in me resides
Alone it is...I'll face the tide

Reddit users have tracked down his MySpace for your enjoyment. Add him! He needs a friend.

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