charlie the white cat has no ears or nose and looks like harry potter villain lord voldemortLast week, The Telegraph published the tale of Charlie, a 14-year-old white cat who bears a frightening resemblance to Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort. Charlie was abandoned by his original owners, but someone found him and took him to a vet, where his ears and nose were removed to save him from skin cancer. Now he looks like he could be Ralph Fiennes' understudy as Voldemort in the Potter films.

Charlie is now in a Blue Cross shelter in Southampton, England, awaiting adopting by a family that can look past his unusual appearance. Charlie loves cuddling, according to the shelter workers who know him, but he doesn't like other animals. He's stuck in solitary confinement until he gets a good home.

As of Saturday, Reddit users were looking for a home for Charlie, and the Daily Mirror reported that lots of offers -- including some from America -- had come in. Charlie hasn't yet been officially adopted, but his story might end happily after all!

UPDATE: Charlie has been adopted!

charlie the white voldemort cat has no ears or nose

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