bill oreilly tide goes in tide goes out never a miscommunication can't explain thatFox News commentator Bill O'Reilly recently tried to prove the existence of God with the now-infamous line, "Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can't explain why the tide goes in." As anybody with a rudimentary understanding of science is aware, the tides go in and out because of the moon and something called "gravity."

Naturally, a whole lot of people -- from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to seemingly the entire internet -- mocked O'Reilly for his comments. O'Reilly, rather than admit that he had given one of the shabbiest pro-creationist arguments of all time, tried to defend himself by saying,

Okay, how'd the moon get there? Look, you pinheads who attacked me for this, you guys are just desperate. How'd the moon get there? How'd the sun get there? How'd it get there? Can you explain that to me? How come we have that and Mars doesn't have it? Venus doesn't have it. How come? Why not? How'd it get here? How did that little amoeba get here, crawl out there? How'd it do it?

Of course, other planets DO have moons, which doesn't help O'Reilly's science cred one bit. The internet, of course, responded with an image meme featuring O'Reilly acting puzzled over simple, everyday things and responding "You can't explain that!"

Check out the original O'Reilly clip and our favorite images from the meme below.

The original video goes in ...

... the images come out.

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You can't explain that!