tiny kitten drinking water in slow motion HDYou may have noticed a growing craze for slow-motion HD videos of cute animals this week. First Iso the dachshund puppy made a splash, then Alex the chipmunk had his turn. Well, move over, dog and rodent: it's slow-motion kitten time!

I couldn't find the name of this little cutie, but it hardly matters. With her chasing and romping through the grass, she's clearly the most adorable slow motion animal yet. Nobody could possible dispute it.

... or could they?

Here's your chance to cast a vote for best slow-mo animal vid. Watch the kitty in action and take the poll below.

Which Slow-motion Animal Is Your Favorite?
Iso the Dachshund151 (48.7%)
Alex the Chipmunk21 (6.8%)
Slow-Mo Kitten138 (44.5%)