hw baals drive street sign named after former mayor harry baalsMost government buildings are named after important political figures in a city's history, but when your former mayor's name is reminiscent of a nasty pair of testicles, things get complicated.

Over eight thousand Fort Wayne, Indiana residents recently voted in an online poll to have their new government building named after their former mayor, Harry Baals. While Baals was a beloved public figure and the city's longest serving mayor, the city is now scrambling to find a way out of naming the building in his honor, citing that Baals was a just a mayor and the name of the building needs to represent the whole county.

Jim Baals, Baal's great-great-nephew, says that he thinks naming the new building after his uncle would not only be an honor, but it would sine a much needed spotlight on to the great city of Fort Wayne.

Prehaps it is time we paid a little bit more attention to the Baals.