We've been talking quite a bit to Blake Boston, AKA Scumbag Steve. He comes across as a nice guy who's excited about all the internet attention and almost feels bad for crashing his own meme party.

So Urlesque's resident artist Susie Cagle drew a new picture of Scumbag Steve (which you can use to make your own memes), and I used it to write a ballad.

Now we just need someone to sing it.

Scumbag Steve - Well here's a little story 'bout Scumbag Steve. I'll tell you but I promise that you won't even believe.

Scumbag Steve - We found Steve on Reddit in a forum called trees. He's the douchebag roomie who ganks all your weed.

Scumbag Steve - Scumbag Steve is a liar and a stealer. He can't even get his own damn drug dealer.

Scumbag Steve - Steve got pretty popular, all over Reddit. But the pic came outta nowhere and it wasn't marked with credit.

Scumbag Steve - Well one day someone found a couple Myspaces, found Steve and his buddies all makin' rapper faces.

Scumbag Steve - Now unless we're all dummies and the whole thing's fake, it looks like we've been mockin' some poor guy named Blake.

Scumbag Steve - Well Blake gave an interview to Know Your Meme, and he took the rapper photos for his mom, it seems.

Scumbag Steve - He wanted to support her photography, so he said 'Take some pictures of my buddies and me!'

Scumbag Steve - Now Reddit's gone and turned him 'to another meme. They're crankin' out pictures of 'Standup Steve.'

Scumbag Steve - But Steve told Urlesque that he feels so bad for ruinin' their fun like a mean ol' dad.

Scumbag Steve - So go make your memes and don't worry 'bout Blake Boston. He'll be 'round for a while, I don't think we've lost him.

Scumbag Steve - He's as sweet an' heartwarmin' as ol' Ted Williams, but if he's an impostor, hope the internet don't kill him.