ham face girl is a future horror star who eats her own faceWhen I first saw the Ham Face Girl video, I found it to be disturbingly silly. Then I watched it again ... and again... and again. Now I just think it is terrifying.

Ham Face girl will be the creature of my nightmares for many nights to come. This young Hannibella Lecter makes my skin crawl when she squeaks, "I eat my own face."

And get a listen to the mother in denial behind the camera, laughing hysterically as if there was something funny about her daughter eating her own face. I've seen a lot of scary movies, and I'd say this kid is future horror star material. The more I try to understand what she's saying, the more I think she's speaking in tongues.

I think I heard a Food Network plug in there at the end. Perhaps Paula Deen is behind this evil. Not every meal needs to be deep fried, Paula! Do you see what you've done to the children?! They're eating their own ham faces!