Blake Boston, aka Scumbag Steve, has been making the internet rounds and responding to interview requests after Reddit made him famous. You may have already seen his comments to Urlesque, but you should also check out Mr. Boston's interview with Know Your Meme.

The interview reveals Blake Boston as a good-natured guy who's looking forward to becoming a father soon. Unlike the character depicted in the Scumbag Steve meme, Blake hasn't stolen anything, and he was never any more of a douchebag than the typical teenager.

Best part? The famous Scumbag Steve photo was taken by Blake's mom when he was 16. Mom was apparently unhappy about what the internet decided to do with her work.

It's great to hear that he's getting tons of interview and appearance requests, but sad to hear he's getting harrassed. Lay off the guy, internet. He's not really a scumbag at all.