Todd Bieber's video about the roll of film he found in Brooklyn during the New York blizzard captured the internet's imagination -- and even reached some TV viewers (whatever!) -- but he still hasn't found the owners of the film. A month after the original video, Bieber has posted an update with more clues that might help internet detectives track down the mystery photographer.

Most importantly, there's a woman who appears in two of the photos, taken at very different locations. Bieber speculates that she could be a friend of the unknown photographers, or maybe even the owner of the film. Judging by the expensive cameras in the photos and the brand of the found film, Bieber also guesses that whoever lost the film is in fact a professional photographer.

Other than commenters' wild speculation about the photogs' nationality, based on the shape of their jawlines, we don't have much else to go on. What we do know is that the internet's outpouring of interest and offers to help warmed Bieber's blizzard-adventuring heart. I'm sure he'll update with another video the as soon as the photographers are found.