exit through the pet shop starring bento the keyboard catKeyboard Cat has finally received the film role he deserves in Exit Through the Pet Shop. This parody of Exit Through the Gift Shop, a film about legendary street artist Banksy, stars Bento, the real-life keyboard cat. It was created by Bento's owner, Charlie Schmidt, as an 24-hour video experiment. It started streaming live last night, and it's up to 20 hours at the time of this post.

From the trailer, we can see that Keyboard Cat stars as a mysterious, Banksy-like graffiti artist. On the live stream, though, it seems a non-costumed Bento has been installed in an art studio, where's he's just chilling on his cat bed. There's a clock, a keytar, a ton of Schmidt's Keyboard Cat paintings, and a bobbing Keyboard Cat doll in front. It's all quite bizarre, and I'm sure Banksy would be proud.