jennifer petkov detroit woman who harassed her dying neighborJennifer Petkov, the Detroit woman who made the news for taunting a young neighbor girl who was dying of Huntington's Disease, has just received her sentence for assaulting a different neighbor. Petkov has been ordered to move out of her neighborhood and attend anger management counseling. She's not allowed to come within five blocks of her old address, and any violation means she spends 93 days in county jail.

The news will certainly delight the posse from 4Chan's /b/ board, who spent time tracking down Petkov and bringing media attention to her campaign of online harrassment against terminally ill 7-year-old Kathleen Edward.

On Reddit, the toy store owner who helped organize a shopping spree for Kathleen says she's doing as well as can be expected, and that the family is "pretty happy" that Petkov will have to leave the neighborhood.