improv everywhere's worst ice skater ever struggles to get his footing during a prankIce skaters at New York's Bryant Park were in for a surprise over the weekend when they found themselves in the middle of Improv Everywhere's latest prank. The troupe famous for staging naked subway rides and suddenly freezing a whole crowd at Grand Central Station struck again with a new prank called "Worst Ice Skater Ever?"

As the skaters cleared the ice so the Zamboni could come by and smooth out the rink, one guy in a red sweater seemed to be such a bad skater that he couldn't get off the ice. Everyone was pointing and laughing at the lone buffoon struggling to get his footing, and some even whipped out their phones to take photos. Then, suddenly ... string music started playing over the PA system. Huh?!

The big red buffoon turned out to be Ice Theatre of New York skater Kenny Moir, and he broke into an amazing choreographed piece called "In a Nutshell." Needless to say, onlookers were stunned. You'd think New Yorkers would be used to Improv Everywhere's special brand of magic by now, but it still delights the audience every time.