barack obama delivering state of the union auto-tuned by gregory brothers to iyaz's replayIt only took the Gregory Brothers a week to auto-tune Barack Obama's State of the Union address, and the results are pretty solid. Obama has consistently been one of the best "unintentional singers" on Auto-Tune the News, and he turns in another great performance here, to the tune of Iyaz's "Replay."

Sometimes the auto-tune gimmick falls flat, but this track might actually be more inspiring than Obama's actual State of the Union. Plus, it's like 50 hours shorter. I mean, it might not include the president's specific proposals to move the country forward, the "Sputnik moment" line, or the joke about salmon, but it does include the word "shawty." Advantage: Gregory Brothers.

UPDATE: As our astute readers have pointed out, this is an extended remix of last year's State of the Union Auto-Tune, updated for the 2011 speech. Nancy Pelosi in the background probably should have tipped me off.