justin bieber on leno doing the call me hand gestureSo this guy on the internet is like, "Justin Bieber is on Jay Leno, and he's saying 'like,' like, a lot. Maybe I should, like, count how many times he says it, and make, like, a YouTube video."

And then I'm like, "Wow, this video is, like, insane. Bieber says like, like, 63 times! In 11 minutes! I have to, like, tell the whole internet about this."

Seriously, though: I didn't know "like" was still such a huge linguistic phenomenon with the kids these days. I remember being called out for it by my cave-teachers back in the prehistoric 1990s, but I didn't realize today's teen heartthrobs were dropping the L-bomb every ten seconds. Bieber fans, does this revelation make you, like, like him any less?

Oh, and he went on Letterman the next night. We counted 67 "likes" in this one.