ice cream guy caught in washington dc thundersnowWhen Washington, D.C. got a burst of "thundersnow" last week, the Post snapped a now-famous photo of a dude with an ice cream cone running through the storm without a jacket. Reddit users got ahold of the pic and photoshopped the heck out of it, in the grand tradition of crasher memes like Chubby Bubbles Girl and Approval Guy.

Some of the best photoshops in the Reddit thread include one that swaps the guy's face with his ice cream, a Raiders of the Lost Ark version, and the inevitable mega-meme mashup. Check out some of the best entries below, and head over to the Reddit thread to see them all.

Oh, and FYI, the Post also tracked down Ice Cream Guy (Real name: Zach Burroughs), and he claimed he "doesn't even like ice cream that much." Ha!

Mega-Meme Version

(by Reddit user herrojew)

Faceswitched Version

(by Reddit user 764hero)

Indiana Jones Version

(by Reddit user Achille2001)