Funny Facebook advertisement parodies. Thumbnail.Anyone with a Facebook Account can create advertisements on Facebook. You could legitimately advertise your business or perhaps a waterproof blow dryer. I decided to use the feature to create ads for things that could really use more exposure like potatoes, VHS tapes, and Reddit. If your budget is under $30,000 you can post an ad for anything you want, as long as you meet the strict guidelines. Sorry everyone, "Images of unrealistic body changes, such as extreme weight loss or muscle gain, are not allowed."

You can't actually click on these fake ads, but we're not worried, because nobody has willingly clicked on an internet advertisement since 2005.

Facebook Ads Cheeseburgers Forever Alone Reddit Awl
Facebook Ads Prison Ice Mountain VHS
Facebook Ads IPads Mortal Kombat Wikilieaks Nintendo 3DS
Facebook Ads Instapaper Zappos Snorg Tees
Facebook Ads Dell Yahoo Netflix