Seinfeld is remembered the world over as a family-friendly show about a quirky group of friends and their everyday problems, but YouTuber TRMUS1C has dared to ask, "What if Jerry was secretly a tyrannical villain the entire time?"

I know what you're thinking: Christine, if Jerry were really some sort of crazed egotist we would have noticed it during the nine seasons the show was on the air. That show was squeaky clean. There's no way.

And all I'm gonna say is that when it's compiled all together and set to some ominous music, I'm willing to buy it.

This schtick works longer than you'd think. See the same editor's "Hello, Newman" thriller, "Summer of George" feel-good flick, "Kramerica" business thriller and "Pig Man" horror. A little "Inception" music goes a long way with this guy.
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