jessica freche in fountain lady remix videoIf anything good could possibly come out of "Fountain Lady" Cathy Cruz Marrero taking a spill in the mall and then inexplicably appearing on national TV, it's a lesson about the dangers of texting and walking. Well, that or a YouTube remix that's destined to go viral. So, why not kill those two birds with one stone and speed up Fountain Lady's 15 minutes of fame?

That's what Jessica Freche, a freshman songwriting major at Belmont University, decided to do. Her Fountain Lady remix -- thankfully not another auto-tune joint -- is built around Marrero's interviews. The chorus, if you will, is "I fell in the fountain. Don't text and walk." At the end of the video, Freche explains that you can buy the song on iTunes to raise money for Focus Driven, an organization that's trying to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving.

Yeah, it seems silly to take a lady's relatively harmless spill into a mall fountain for anything more than what it was, but there are some serious texting-related accidents out there, especially when cars are involved. It's fine to laugh at Cruz Marrero, especially since she voluntarily put herself and her blunder into the national spotlight, but don't turn around and do something equally stupid like texting while you're driving.