When we posted Todd Bieber's video about the film he found in the snow during the Brooklyn blizzard, we had no idea it would blow up the way it has. Todd's YouTube video seeking the owners of the film now has over 850,000 views, and he's been interviewed about it by ABC News. Unfortunately, the owners of the film still haven't been found.

Bieber says reaction has been 95% positive, but there's still a vocal minority that thinks he faked the whole thing to get attention.

"I'm really bummed that some people think this is fake," Bieber told me, "I'm honestly not sure how to respond. Some people have been really hostile about it. One guy on Reddit wants to throw me off a Ferris wheel, which is pretty original and makes me laugh."

We asked Bieber for some evidence to silence the doubters. He sent us the receipt for film processing, which you can see below. Haters to the left.

Todd Bieber With the Photo Receipt

Close-Up of the Receipt

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