The Redditors have spoken, and the admins of mega-forum Reddit have announced the site's best commenters, comments and communities of 2010. There seems to be bias toward recent phenomena on the bestof2010 winners list, benefitting novelty account "sure_ill_draw_that," the uplifting "Today You, Tomorrow Me" comment trend, and Urlesque's current favoritest thing ever, DogFort.

If you have no idea what any of this means, don't panic! Here's our rundown of the winners in each category, along with some helpful background about who they are and how they won.

Best Little Community - Answers

/r/answers is like a filtered version of the much larger AskReddit community. Because AskReddit gets bogged down with opinion-based "What's your favorite book?" and "I stopped a fight on the bus. Was I right?" questions, Answers popped up to deal with more interesting and fact-finding questions, like "Were there gay dinosaurs?"

Best New Community - DogFort

DogFort. is a series of comics starring a commander dog in a couch fort, a special agent dog in a lobster costume, and several other amusing characters. Reddit's DogFort community is where most of these comics are born.

Moderator of the Year - Kylde (of ReportTheSpammers)

This year's best moderator, Kylde, comes from the /r/ReportTheSpammers community, where volunteers help keep Reddit spam-free and provide a place where spam reports don't just turn into spam themselves. Kylde won this award for tirelessly tracking down spam domains and blocking them from Reddit.

Submitter of the Year - DrJulianBashir

DrJulianBashir, proud owner of 214,000+ link karma points, won submitter of the year for his consistently high-scoring submissions, including a pic of the World's Saddest Cookbook ("Microwaving for One") and that gif of the alternate LOST ending where the dog dreamt the whole thing.

Oh, and he moderates a Deep Space 9 subreddit. Not surprising, considering his nickname.

Commenter of the Year - ProbablyHittingOnYou

You can't read the comments of a popular Reddit post without running into ProbablyHittingonYou. Although he's modest and didn't want the attention, Reddit loves his comments so much that they picked him as 2010's best commenter. What's next for ProbablyHittingOnYou? Less Reddit, actually, now that he's got a job.

Best Big Community - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

f7u12 is Reddit's ragetoon community, where users post comics starring Rageguy, Trollface and other popular meme characters. This community is known for a CSS hack that lets users post ragefaces in comments, along with secret text that appears when you mouse over the pics. Problem, other communities?

All-Around Hero of the Year - MrGrim

MrGrim is the founder of image sharing service imgur, which hosts an overwhelming percentage of Reddit's user-posted images. Reddit as we know it wouldn't be the same without him, so it's only fitting that MrGrim should win All-Around Hero of the Year.

Submission of the Year - "I've had a vision and I can't shake it."

This self-post -- the Reddit term for a text-only post, as opposed to a link -- by Mr. Sam Mercer incited the grassroots movement that became Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. There's been some debate about how much credit Reddit deserves, but there's no denying that the rally has a special place in the site's history.

Novelty Account of the Year - Sure_Ill_Draw_That

appeared on the comments scene near the end of the year, responding to posts and comments with deft stick-figure illustrations of whatever the poster or commenter just described.

He quickly racked up massive karma and did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post where he (naturally) responded to questions using drawings alone. SIDT generally depicts himself as a stick figure with awesome sunglasses, as seen in the AMA.

Apart from becoming quite popular himself, SIDT also inspired competitors like Sure_Ill_Animate_That.

Comment of the Year - "Today you, tomorrow me."

"Today you, tomorrow me," became a motto of sorts for Redditors who wanted to help other people this year, and it all started with a story by Reddit user Rhoner. You really need to read the entire comment for maximum impact, but it's a story about a Mexican family of seasonal workers who went to great lengths to help out a Redditor, and refused to take any money in compensation. Why? Because "today you, tomorrow me." Words to live by.