photographers of lost brooklyn blizzard filmTodd Bieber was skiing through Brooklyn's Prospect Park just after the recent New York Blizzard when he stumbled upon a white canister of 35mm film blending in with the snow. Bieber, being a man of adventure, developed the film himself, and created a YouTube video (below) to help him find the photographer who had lost it.

The black and white photos were taken all over New York during the blizzard, and they're actually really, really good. Unfortunately, very few of them contained images of the photographers. They're two fairly similar-looking guys, possibly brothers. Bieber thinks they look European, but they could be from anywhere.

I asked Bieber for a little more to go on, in hopes of helping him locate the mystery men, and discovered that he found the film around 2 p.m. on December 30th. It was sunny that day, which matches the weather in the photos, making it likely that the found film was shot on the 30th as well. They're also carrying digital cameras in some of the photos, so the rest of their shots from the day may be online.

Also, a tipster named Stephanie sent Bieber the following in an email:

Several of those pictures were taken right outside my apartment building. In fact the photo of the doorway is our front door. I wonder if perhaps they ate at the restaurant downstairs (FONDA).
Fonda is in Brooklyn, at 14th street and 7th Ave.

That's not a lot to go on, but we know some of our readers are expert detectives. So, Urlbots, can you help us track down Todd Bieber's mysterious Prospect Park photographers?