texting girl falls into mall fountainIf all of the clichéd jokes about teens and text messaging fused together like Voltron, they still wouldn't get as many laughs as a single video of a texting girl doing an epic faceplant into a mall fountain. Imagine being the guy watching the security camera for that incident! Oh wait, you don't have to, because it's on YouTube.

The voices you hear in the background of the video are presumably a mall security officer and some other employees he's called over to watch the epic texting fail from a couple of different angles. Yeah, any of us would do the same thing in that situation, and we'd probably post the footage to YouTube, as well. What I wouldn't do is post the name of the mall and leave my voice in the video ... as hilarious as it is, someone's about to get fired for publicly humiliating a mall customer. And that someone isn't Pedro in hospitality services, who stopped to check on the bumbling girl.