chet hanksYou know Colin Hanks? He's Tom's son, and you've probably seen him in Orange County, King Kong, or Mad Men. He's very cute and charming, just like his old man. Or maybe you've read Elizabeth's (Tom's daughter) highbrow work on The Awl. Well, it turns out they have a brother whose name is Chet. And Chet is a rapper! Tom Hanks's son is a rapper, so please call him Chet Haze!

In fact, the internet is going mildly berserk over the fact his song 'White and Purple (Northwestern Remix)' is inspired by the prestigious college he attends. Naturally, the challenge to take a matricualted white rapper seriously is made even more difficult when that guy's dad is basically America's Cool Dad.

Nevertheless, the co-ed is hard at work on his career, as witnessed in the video going around for 'White and Purple,' which is based on Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow.' He's on Twitter, too, where he declared that he thinks he's "gunna win." Win what, we're not sure, but Godspeed, young Hanks. May you become the next Eminem Asher Roth ...Snow.

In related news, a wee thing named Lyrikkal gives Willow Smith a run for her money with 'Pink and Purple,' a kid's response to Wiz Khalifa: