Law and Order UKYou may remember Whirled Creative as the group behind the Google Instant/Instant Elements video and the hijacking of Will.I.Am's Twitter account.

Now, ahead of this week's debut of season two of "Law and Order: UK," BBC America commissioned the group to create this hilarious promotional spot to illustrate the differences between American and British law.

Let's call this "snowball comedy," a video that starts off serious and slow and subsequently gets more ridiculous the longer you watch. Based on either four years in a London law school or 152 seconds of a TV ad -- whichever sounds more plausible to you -- here's what we've learned about the UK legal system.

1. Non-bald men wear wigs and every important member of the British court system dresses like Kanye during Fashion Week.
2. "My lady" is mentioned more than a Trey Songz mixtape.
3. If you want to emphasize your point, cross your arms. No one takes a lawyer with individual, dangling arms seriously. Cross that sh*t.
4. Call me jingoistic, but there's something funny about a person taking the stand and saying, in a grave, serious tone, "nappie."
5. I admittedly had no idea "copper" was still used by anyone not currently living in a 1940s film noir.
6. Think the British are always polite and nice? If these guys pick you up, you're going to cry. And they'll laugh. And you'll just cry some more.

And note the less-than-subtle nod to "double rainbow" toward -- Fine, Brits, towards -- the end of the clip.