Ted Williams, the man with the "golden voice", got the chance to reunite with his 90-year-old mother Julia, yesterday during his trip to New York to appear on The Today Show.

It's heartwarming to watch the two embrace and cry, especially since you know that a few days ago neither of them probably thought seeing each other again was a possibility.

Before their reunion, Julia was excited to see her estranged only child and expressed cautious optimism regarding Ted's instant fame to the Associated Press:

He has so much talent. I hope this will be the thing for him. He came from a nice family. And then he went poor, poor. So, maybe this will build him up and let him see that there's more in life than hanging around with the wrong people, and taking drugs.
As cute as all of this is, only time will tell if Ted will be able to handle all of the rapid change and instant responsibility.

While the details of the Cleveland Caveliers' offer are still being hashed out (understandable, since they're offering him a full-time job and a free house), there's still no word as to whether or not Ted plans on taking the gig. There is, however, a site called We Want Ted Williams that the Cavs are encouraging their fans to go and comment on -- even going so far as to put a giant picture of Williams on their scoreboard during the first quarter of Wednesday's game against Toronto along with URL. There's also a tumblr where staff at the Quicken Loans Center walk him through all of their facilities' finest features (Scratch and sniff wallpaper! Fancy!).

From here on out this story's gonna go one of two ways -- and I'm rooting so hard for it to pan out awesomely.

Ted's hopeful too, telling the AP, "I just hope everyone will pray for me."

Get it, Ted.

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