You know when you really need 122 Campbell's soup labels, but don't want to eat 122 cans of Campbell's soup?

Fear no more, eBay has got you covered!

The auction site offers the category: "Proof of Purchase, UPCs" for people seeking the hottest barcode deals.

Buyers might use these Campbell's soup UPCs towards Labels for Education, a program that sponsors local schools. But if you were that dedicated to education, a direct donation to the school would be more effective.

Maybe it's the economy. People could save barcodes to make a quick buck on eBay. But then, buying 122 soup cans doesn't save you much money. (Making your own soup does.)

eBay's "Proof of Purchase, UPCs" category is not just for soup labels. They've got dog food, cereal, cigarettes. Or treat yourself to the grab bag!

Some sellers just haphazardly fill a Flat Rate Envelope with Proof of Purchases.

"I am a long time refunder who can't just throw good labels and upcs away. My loss is your gain. I don't file them anymore as I had to give up my room that I used for storage."

Refunders exhibit the type of behavior seen on A&E's Hoarders. They are compelled to conserve anything that might be nominally valuable. Post-industrial consumer capitalism has driven people to retain the remnants of the wrappers of products they bought months ago...

And if you Buy It Now they can be all yours for $2.62!!!!