geek journal 1976Steven Thompson, a long-time geek, has turned his 1976 high school journal into a 2011 blog called "A Geek's Journal 1976." Every day, Thompson posts the 1976 entry from the equivalent 1976 date in his diary, which opens with Thompson as a comic book collecting, sci-fi obsessed, Coke-swilling high school junior.

There's some embarrassing stuff, but not worse than anything most geeks experience in high school. The references to classic TV shows like Dark Shadows might go over the heads of today's 16-year-olds, but the geek experience hasn't changed all that much.

Here are some of the early highlights from A Geek's Diary 1976:

On January 6th, Thompson wrote

"Oh! Almost forgot to mention we started the novel 1984 in Sci-Fi Class yesterday. So far it isn't bad!"
In a footnote, he explained that Orwell's 1984 eventually went from "not bad" to one of his favorite books. Also, a sci-fi class in high school? Sounds like geek heaven!

And there's this entry from January 4th, where Thompson says

The highlight of the day, though, was catching one of my very favorite actors, Roddy McDowall, guest-starring on ELLERY QUEEN! Such a great show! I'll bet it runs forever!
Sadly for our young geek, Ellery Queen lasted less than one season.

And what geek's life would be complete without comic books? We see the young Steven's obsession with comics very early on in A Geek's Diary.

Terry called this morning talking about selling some more of his comic books. Sometimes I get a little jealous when he makes so much money at it but I really don't want to give up my comic books. I tried a few years ago but FOREVER PEOPLE # 1 convinced me not to quit collecting!
Not surprisingly, girls are another popular subject of A Geek's Diary 1976. So far, this is the closest the high-school version of Thompson has gotten to making his move with the ladies:

I helped Angie on some school work today and she exclaimed, "I love you!" which made me feel good but seemed to tick off her friend Jessica. She just looked shocked. I like Jessica but she has never seemed to like me much at all and i don't know why. I like Angie, too. Sometimes I wish I could get to know here a little better but I can't see it happening.
There are plenty of other gems on this blog, and we're only up to January. It'll be fun to see whether Thompson keeps up this project all year, and whether he ever gets the girl.

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