Aisin-Gioro PuyiSo Prince William is marrying Kate Middleton. Hooray! I think? Rocketboom's Mememolly told us that the royal family is the UK's Lindsay Lohan, but in America, like, who cares? Well, people do. And the nuptials between handsome William and beautiful Kate bring up a more important question: who else, in the history of international royalty, was HAWT?

Bangable Dudes in History not only points out attractive, dead historic figures, but they even have pie charts to break down these "historic boners" for us! (Cut me off a piece of Stalin, am I right?)

Dead world leaders, pie charts, and boners? Yup, that's our internet.

Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (Stalin)


General William Tecumseh Sherman

william tecumseh sherman

Samuel F. B. Morse

samuel morse

Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton

Evander Berry Wall

evander barry wall