tajazzleTajazzle has the potential to become this year's Snuggie - to ravage the internet, going so viral that the same Midwestern moms who may have bought it sincerely started buying it ironically - unless it proves too sexual for a mass audience, which is a valid concern.

That's because Tajazzle is a "three-step product" that is basically just, er, adhesive vagina stickers. The infomercial, which has been uploaded to YouTube in two parts (after the jump), is startingly absurd. The Tajazzle "process" involves powder and some sort of chapstick-like substance, but it all boils down to ladies putting shiny sticker hearts where only their "lovers" (gross) can see.

Like most infomercials, Tajazzle boasts plenty of ganky elements: atrocious acting, misshapen boobs, repetitious script, synthesized background music, weird nicknames for vaginas ("fling") and strange vocal intonations (you know that one chick is a mail-order bride).

Are you ready for Tajazzle, World? Because Tajazzle is ready for you.

Videos NSFW, of course.

Part One:

Part Two: