EXTREME COUPONINGA TV show recently premiered on TLC called Extreme Couponing, about people who addictively save and use coupons to save them as much money as possible. So it's like Hoarders for cheapos.

In its premiere episode, we meet a gal from Ohio named Amanda, who spends up to 70 hours a week scouring the web and circulars for coupons. So far, she claims to have saved $15,000 and owns, among other things, "218 boxes of pasta, 268 containers of noodles, 150 candy bars, [and] over 3,000 rolls of toilet paper." And on YouTube, the folks (or guy) behind Frugal TV takes us straight to AMANDA'S TOILET PAPER ROOM!

So: with 3,000 rolls of TP, is Amanda just really thrifty or are we talking major problems in the john?

BONUS: A sneak peek into Amanda's "stockpile room," filled with so much Swiffer refills to constantly clean up the diarrhea?

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