It's been almost two days since the video of homeless magic-voiced Ted Williams hit the internet, and one day since Reddit's call to action to help Ted get back on his feet was posted, and I'm happy to announce that he has been offered a job and a free house by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The internet moves in mysterious and beautiful ways, my friends.

During his appearance on the Dave and Jimmy show this morning, Ted received calls from several reps from different companies in both TV and radio, offering him everything from contracts to do voiceovers for credit union ads, to a chance to compete on a show called "America's Next Voice."

The best offer by far and away came from the Cavs, though, who offered him "a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!" according to Williams.

There's no definitive word yet on which offer(s) Williams will be accepting, but he is definitely using some of the money that's been privately donated to visit his 92-year-old mother in Brooklyn who he hasn't seen in years. He even gets teary-eyed while talking about it in the interview.

It's just the best when good things happen to good people. Period.

Ted on CBS Early Show

Ted on the Dave and Jimmy Show